Sunday, September 27, 2015

Who Pours Into The Missionaries?

Throughout this week, all of the DR missionaries at SCORE had a conference at headquarters (where I’m staying) to be filled with truth. Missionaries work super hard, and are always on call. They pour into so many people; when do they ever get to be fed themselves with the Word that they so often preach? I asked numerous missionaries whether or not they thought the conference was beneficial and most said something along the lines of “It was the worst timing work-wise (aka I have so much to do), but because of that it was the best time for me, to be filled and remember that God has it under control.” In the busyness, as these missionaries experience, it’s so easy to get proactive and do things without backing it up in prayer first. That is something I have been convicted of this week, to pray before all things. All things done without God are done in vain; let me remember that this week.

Something I’ve realized here is that missionaries are people, too. I never meant to, but I always put them up on a pedestal and thought of them as “Super Christians” or something of that sort. I love hearing their stories of how they came into ministry, and how they struggled to give up everything they thought they wanted to pursue what God wanted for them. I loved getting to babysit some of their kids one night during the conference, and I’ve loved experiencing a little bit of what they do every day. Getting to know the people better, becoming more comfortable with the youth group kids, and talking to our neighbors have helped me to get myself outside my comfort zone, something I’ve been scared to do ever since I came here. I’ve been filled more Spanish and Bible than ever before. I don’t want to become spiritually fat, filling myself up and never exercising it out; let me never become that way. Let me learn from these missionaries while I’m here, learn to be bold, and preach the gospel with truth and love wherever I go.

More Spanish Culture:
1.      In the Dominican culture, it is more common for men to shave their legs than women.
2.      A lot people who are married do not have rings. Rings show a legal marriage and wealth, something not a lot of people have here.
3.      People point with their lips.

Prayer Requests:
Please pray for the missionaries this week; here are just a few of the many that work at SCORE
Jaime Snyder: Our GAP Director. She’s had a lot on her plate; please pray for her.
Charles and Ashley Carter: Carter is a Spanish and Bible teacher for GAP and the best translator that SCORE has. Ashley is filling in for the missing grammatical Spanish teacher and works at the Lily House (safe house for prostitutes).
Nate and Erica Jude: Nate is a church planter and the main pastor of our church. Erica works with the Lily House.
Matt and Lori Niel: This couple works in the states as family and marriage counselors for SCORE. They pour into the lives of all of the missionaries, making sure that they are cared for and fed spiritually.
Terry and JoAnn Enget: This couple moved to the DR a week before GAP students came. They and their family are a part of Pasitos de Jesus (the girl’s home) and are loving on the girls while trying to come up with a plan for the girls after they graduate the program. Please pray for wisdom in that area.
Robersy and Sarah Lara: Both Robersy and Sara work with the youth group at the church (I think it’s for middle school and older). Robersy is a baseball coach and does baseball ministry, while Sara works at the Lily House.

These are just a few of the many that work at SCORE; please be praying for the rest of the missionaries and for the GAP students as well.