Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Faith Is Like A Tree

Ephesians 3:17- "Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God's love and will keep you strong."

I thought that this verse was very interesting and cool. The object they are comparing the verse to is a tree. When you trust God in hard situations, Christ will make home into your hearts. His roots will grow down into God's love. When a tree has roots that grow very deep, they are strong, and almost no one can pull the tree out of its environment. When they are beginning out, they are very weak and someone could snap them easily. But as they grow they are very strong in what they do. That tree is kind of like our faith. When we begin as a Christian, we are like a little tree, very weak, and someone could easily snap us, and we could give into temptation and go into our evil ways again. But when we have a trial or a hard situation and we trust God, our roots get a little deeper. When you start reading your Bible and a temptation comes, you can use the verses to shoo Satan away. And your roots grow even more deeper. It's harder to get back into your other way of life, the life you once had. Once your roots grow very deep, nothing can stop you of your faith. If you are a very big and strong tree, you have a crazy love for God, you read your Bible joyfully, you share others about your faith, you love other people, etc. But all of us start as a teeny, tiny stick-like tree. The way we get bigger and bigger is to trust God in the hard times. That's why it seems like after a hard time, people have a greater relationship with God; they trusted him in that hard time and they grew deeper roots in the tree. I don't know what tree stage you are yet. You may still be a stick, you may be a medium sized tree, or you may be the strong, big tree. But as you grow in your relationship with God, trust him in the hard times. Even if you think you are a big tree, you can always still grow. Your roots will grow deeper and your faith in Christ will stand firm. Almost nothing can pull you away when you have thick and long roots.