Thursday, July 7, 2011

More ministry days

Hey guys! This trip has been so much used by God. I love it here!

For our worship services at night we have talked about having "eye surgery" because our eyes are focused inward and a "blood transfusion" because God's blood overcomes our issues. It ses like we always cry because It's like God is talking right to us. It is so cool to see how Gos gas worked in everyone's lives.

Let me tell you, Britt Nicole is the sweetest most God filled person I know. She prayed to my friends in tounges and she told one of our leaders what Gods will is for her.

We have worked in schools orphanages and parks, and it has been so cool seeing people e saved. People in our tam have healed other people and it's soo cool to see what Gods doing.

Got to go. I love you all!