Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seeds Producing Fruit

   Us believers are like seeds. These seeds are scattered far and wide. We are all different types of seeds, but we have one goal: to produce fruit. Although we are all different, we all do our part.

   As our seed is being planted in the beginning, we become a little tree. It can't produce fruit yet because it hasn't grown enough. It also can be pulled out of it's roots by the evil one easier because it is weak.

   As our faith grows, the roots grow, and we become stronger. The evil one has a harder time pulling us out. Then, as we grow more and more, we can produce fruit! We can always grow more, even if we are producing a ton fruit. And inside the fruit are (drum roll, please)... SEEDS! These seeds will become a chain reaction, prodcuing more and more fruit for the Kingdom of God.

One person CAN make a difference!