Saturday, February 12, 2011


I heard this analogy from someone recently and I thought that it was really good, so I decided to share it all with you.

Have you ever wanted a pet chimpanzee? They look so cute in the movies, but having a pet chimp is really hard. They are very picky. When they are three years old they won't let you dress them up in the clothes that you see in movies. When they are five, they can kill you with one punch. If you have a pet chimp, they become very possessive. You can't leave them alone, or they'll tear your house up (imagine what a pet that could kill you could do to your house in a couple of hours.) So if you ever wanted to leave the house you would have to have a cage-ish thing that had an air conditioner and heating installed, and it would have to be as large as a living room. That is hard to keep in a house. How much do you want a pet chimpanzee now?

You know what, that pet chimpanzee is just like Satan. He looks cute on the outside but in the inside he is evil. He could kill you, if he wanted to. If you let him, he can posses you. The only way to get rid of him is to contain him. It is hard, we all know it. But don't let Satan trick you with all the lies that he says. They are not true. The best way is to go to God's word and He will help you.