Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ball of Clay

Yesterday, I heard from a friend that I was published into a magazine. I sent in an application in March, and the magazine is sent out in August. When I heard that, I jumped for joy and my mom sent out e-mails to everyone in my family. See only less than 5% of the entries get published. So, this post will not be the norm., but I will show you my poem that got published as it relates to God.


Here I am
A ball of clay
One of millions
Not special in my eyes.

The potter looked
For one to sculpt
For the perfect one
And He caught me by surprise.

He took my ball
Sculpted me out
Making a beautiful pot
He had a gleam in his eye.

He said, "You're the right one,
You're the one I love,
You are special to me"
and he left me out to dry.

He took me again
Smiling at me
Trying to figure out a price
For me to be sold*

He said, "You're priceless
I can't dare sell you
For I am a jealous potter
And will keep you until I'm old.*

It's been a long time now,
He's still a potter
Yet he still loves me
I'm glad I was not sold.*

He still get's that sparkle
In his eye
When he looks at me
I feel like I'm worth more than gold.

*= This part of the poem was taken out of the magazine, so you get a "special edition"!!!