Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rejoice in God :)

Philippians 4:4 - "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!"

Rejoicing to me, is not very hard. I am happy with what God has done in my life, either good or bad, so I rejoice! Some people, though, are very melancholy. I know I used to be that way. I used to be sad in everything I did. If you see me now, you might think that I look sad, but I might just be humming songs in my head, or thinking very deeply. But sad people are not fun to be around. And through this summer, I have changed. I seem to be more appreciative of people and I try not to expect to get that much. I mean, I'm not perfect, no no no! But this summer, I have been getting into God's word deeper. And I have had a praise journal. That definitely makes me want to praise God even more! See, in this verse it says to rejoice. And it says it twice. That means something right there, because if rejoicing wasn't important, they wouldn't have said anything about it. But the fact that they said it twice means that you really need to rejoice in God. Not rejoicing because you won a game, but rejoicing in God. And if you do truthfully rejoice in God, your outlook on life will change. To tell you the truth, I think that is why joy is the second fruit of the Spirit they listed. It is almost as important as love. So, please. Be joyful and rejoice in the little things that God is going to do in your life today. It'll be worth it.