Saturday, July 3, 2010

Don't Be Angry!

Psalm 37:8 - "Do not be angry or furious. For anger leads to sin."

That verse might be different in some other bibles, but I think that this version makes the verse really clear. Do not be angry. Isn't that hard? If your child does something really bad, is it hard to not be angry? Maybe you do punish them with love, but sometimes it is hard not to be furious. Maybe someone at work does something wrong and now you have to do something all over again. Maybe you'll get angry or furious. I know I and a lot of people have not seen any verses that says to have "righteous anger". Some people say you can be righteously angry, but God is the only one that I know of. One Bible verse says not to sin when your angry, but the thing is, is that this verse says that anger leads to sin, so wouldn't that be hard? So basically the point is, is not to be angry or furious at all, but to show love to everyone.

P.S. I am taking a week long break. See you later!