Sunday, November 15, 2015

My Plate is Full

This past week has been a whirlwind. Everything from being loaded with homework to being challenged like crazy spiritually, to translating Sponsorship letters for a Girl’s Home, I have had to force myself to relax even though I wanted to be doing a billion other things. I wanted to go on host homes this weekend, but I knew better, because my exhaustion was overwhelming me. I wanted to go to the Capital, but I couldn’t do that, either. I have fallen asleep when people were talking to me. Lord, rejuvenate me even when I am weak, both physically and spiritually. 

            Something that I am starting to learn this week is that with everything I do, I should be glorifying God. Worship is not just about singing in English. I have grown accustomed to singing worship songs in Spanish, and am starting to fall in love with the language while I sing. I am starting to pray in Spanish, which helps me concentrate on what I am actually saying, and provides me a new experience communing with God. Worship is not even about singing. Worship is reading God’s word, taking notice of the beautiful weather at the beach, starting conversations with people who seem like they’re out of place. Worship means clearing your mind of prideful and jealous thoughts, of seeing the good in others even when everything in your being is telling you otherwise, of giving yourself time in silence to breathe and thank God for the life that He has given you. Worship is a daily thing. Worship consumes who we are. Let us worship the LORD no matter what we’re doing.

Prayer Requests:
-Still keep praying for the mission trip from the 20th-24th. Pray for us and for those that we are ministering to.
-Pray that God gives me wisdom during ministry on Monday, seeing how my friend and I can both use our different talents together and effectively.

-Pray that God will give me rest.