Monday, August 31, 2015

Orientation time!

It’s only the first week and we’ve already seen numerous cockroaches and a baby tarantula; we had a mouse (or a rat?) lurking around our apartment. Yes, I am fortunate enough to be living in an apartment with a kitchen, running water, and semi-reliable electricity. Our power has gone out numerous times, and we survived Hurricane Erika (which turned out to just be a tropical storm). I was fortunate to be in an apartment in which the AC units are currently working.

I am fortunate to have three meals a day provided by SCORE, fortunate to have wonderful roommates and fellow GAP members, fortunate to be in this wonderful country. The living conditions I’ve seen may not seem ideal to most, but they are perfect in my eyes. I’m at complete peace.

So far this week, we have been focusing on getting to know people at GAP and SCORE. We had orientation, goal setting, Spanish placement tests, and cultural classes; we also got to visit the Capital and shop on our own in both the markets and the malls. I was surprised at how much Spanish I knew and how much I can already communicate with the people solely in Spanish while converting money, ordering food, and asking for directions. I’ve also loved to get to know the missionary kids a little bit, and I hope to do so more in the future.

The one thing that I love about GAP is that they give you so much freedom. If you want to do something, they’ll try their best to make it happen. Whatever ministry you’d like to work with, they probably have an option to do it. I won’t know my specific ministry until October, because I’ll be trying out all of their other ones beforehand. Please be thinking of me and keeping me in your prayers. School starts on Tuesday (Spanish and Bible school), and we’ll be visiting all of the ministries soon.

3 Spanish Words Learned:
Ay mi madre – literally translated as “oh my mother,” means something like “Oh my goodness”
Que lo que- literally translated as “what the what,” actually means “what’s up?”
Dame luz- Literally translated as “give me light,” actually is a typical response to “Que lo que”

Prayer Requests:
That our GAP group becomes unified
That God gives me direction on what ministries to pursue